Tadcaster Albion Foundation

Tadcaster Albion Foundation is the schools and community engagement programme for Tadcaster Albion Football Club (charity number 1146136) it is non – profit organisation with a mission to connect, inspire and empower the local community and provide opportunities for both young people and adults inspire them to fulfil their potential.

We aim to do this is by engaging with local schools, providing football coaching and lifestyle advice to young people in the local community. The scheme also includes Breakfast, lunch and after school clubs, football development centres, football fun camps in the school holidays.

What programmes can we offer your school...

Tadcaster Albion Foundation can offer your school a wide variety of sports and football programmes that will engage and develop any child regardless of the age or ability.

PPA cover...With all teachers requiring planning, preparation and assessments time (PPA). Tadcaster Albion foundation offers the very best service when it comes to covering PPA time. Sport and physical education improves the well-being of children and as a result, improves their performance at school.

We offer a professional and sustainable solution for your school no planning is required by teachers. We deliver our own PE scheme of work, which follows National Curriculum guild lines
We provide all lesson plans, evaluations and formative assessments (which are in-line with the OFSTED Framework).

All of our programmes are subject to high quality control checks by management with over 20 years’ experience in delivering PE and school sport in the primary school environment.

We will help to establish and sustain a higher standard of physical education in your school.

Consistency of same staff working in the school throughout the year, there is no impact at all on the school time as our coaches facilitate the “arrival” process, coaching and “dismissal” procedure in full accordance with FA safeguarding guidelines.
Schools workshops...

Throughout the academic school year Tadcaster Albion Football Foundation will be giving primary schools the opportunity to take parts various education workshops and designed raise awareness of school issues such as Healthy living, Anti Bullying, Cyber bullying and sugar free living. All workshops are fun, interactive and informative and adaptable for every age group.

PE curriculum Support...

With Tadcaster Albion Foundation coaches having the knowledge, experience and AFPE level 3 in school sport and PE qualification we can guarantee to improve every child’s development whilst also providing opportunities for school staff to improve their P.E knowledge and confidence.

Lesson use football, multi skills and invasion games to insure each child is challenged through differentiation to fulfil their potential whilst incorporating cross-curricular skills including ICT, Literacy and Numeracy where required. Lesson plans and assessment methods are shared with schools, meaning staff can reuse them in future lessons.

Breakfast club activities sessions...

Many schools now offer activities for their children before lessons begin with recent studies showing an improvement in behaviour, attainment and social skills when a child has participated in structured activities prior to the school day.

Why not let Tadcaster Albion Foundation kick off the school day with fun multi-skill or football sessions allowing the mind and body to function before progressing onto the school morning lessons.

Lunch and After school Clubs...

Tadcaster Albion Football Foundation “ Lunch and after school clubs cater for Primary schools and have specific programmes for children from reception class to year 6 all within the safe and secure environment of their own school.

These programmes incorporate age specific skills addressing Technique, Social, Psychological and Tactical areas of the games whilst developing fundamental skills and techniques through a series of development drills and fun games that challenge their learning whilst making them fun and enjoyable.

Sponsored Penalty Shoot–Out

The Sponsored Penalty Shoot-Out is a fun and engaging initiative which raises monies for schools and Tadcaster Albion foundation. The initiative is entirely self-funded and helps to fund activities delivered in local primary schools across the York, Tadcaster and surrounding areas.

To kick off the event Tadcaster Albion Foundation will deliver a 4 week football programme open to every year group within the school, the lessons use differentiation to challenge pupils and forge cross-curricular links including ICT, Literacy and Numeracy where and when appropriate whilst promoting the sponsored penalty shoot out for maximum impact.

On the final week children and teachers are given the opportunity to take penalties against the Tadcaster Albion Goalkeeper or Tadcaster Albion Mascot 'Taddy Bear' in a friendly school shoot-out, for which they are sponsored by friends and family.

There are prize incentives for raising different amounts of money including; raise £1 + Certificate, raise £25 + Football, raise the most in the school and receive Nike Football & Trophy.

The income from this event will be reinvested back into Tadcaster Albion Foundation to ensure sustainability of the charities work as well as providing added finances to support school sport.

TAFC Wellbeing and Ability Counts programme

The Foundation also uses football as a positive force within its inclusion initiatives and aims to develop sustainable projects for people with disabilities, engaging them in playing football, to coaching and playing in the North Riding County FA Wellbeing and Ability Counts League.

i2i Life Foundation Funding Opportunities….

We are currently in a position to assist with accessing funding for Charities and non for profit organisations that would help with purchasing sports equipment, training staff/Volunteers and also delivering clubs & classes completely free of charge.

Tadcaster Albion Foundation Sponsorship Opportunities….

We are looking for a businesses, organisations or individuals to become a foundation sponsor, and have various opportunities available including supporting our disability section (Wellbeing and Ability counts) Healthy Schools and Physical education programme or to become the main sponsor of the Tadcaster Albion Foundation.

(Potential tax relief may be available for donations to the Foundation)

In return Tadcaster Albion Foundation could offer:

• Company logo to appear on the Foundation page in the Tadcaster Albion FC match programme and to be credited as sponsors
• Company logo and website link to be featured on the new Foundation website – address tbc
• Company logo to be featured on the quarterly Foundation e-newsletter. Joint initiatives included in this agreement to be promoted on e-newsletter wherever possible.
• Company to be given the opportunity to promote a direct offer to the newsletter database of all participants from all foundation activities once per season.
• All TAFC Foundation literature to include the company and link to the website wherever possible, highlighting sponsorship support for the foundation programmes being advertised within, for promotion in primary schools predominantly but also secondary schools, in community venues, through third sector organisations, through local authority and with various local partners and ngb’s
• Company promotional offer fliers to be distrusted during all schools and holiday camp activities
• Company to receive opportunity to meet for an update every 3 months to discuss the work the foundation has undertaken and the results achieved – so can maximise PR opportunities
• Regular meetings and correspondence to take place between the two parties to ensure the initiatives prove successful.